Absolute Aligner: The Difference is Clear

A revolutionary new material that is ideal for high-quality industrial production of clear aligner models

If you are looking to produce the CLEAREST aligner on the market, look no further. Absolute Aligner is a new resin for 3D printing and was developed with our customers in mind to deliver

  • Absolute transparency
  • Absolute quality
  • Absolute optimization

Building on our commitment to R&D and continual innovation, we're taking the industrial production of clear aligners to a new level.

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Absolute Aligner Key Features

  • Ultra smooth surface finish for a more natural feel. Achieve precise thermoforming results without sacrificing machine productivity. 
  • Outstanding accuracy that allows you to achieve superior and repeatable results.
  • Optimized for scanning - color specifically engineered for easy scannability to ease QC protocol. 
  • No sedimentation - thanks to its advanced formulation, Absolute Aligner removes the need for frequent stirring.
  • Optimal clarity achieved when used with spinner device in post-processing. Compatible with other post-processing devices.

Are you ready to take your clear aligner production to the next level?