Oqton Software: The Control You Need

Powered by AI, Oqton MES software is now available on Prodways ProMaker LD series machines.

From file design to final post-processing inspection, Oqton's cloud platform manages data across your manufacturing ecosystem to optimize your processes. 

  • AI algorithms enable continuous learning
  • Improves production chain efficiency and quality 
  • Predicts and anticipates anomalies

In a constant desire to improve machine performance, our partnership with Oqton is part of our commitment to innovation and R&D.

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Oqton MES Software Key Features

  • Easy to use and compatible with multiple technologies in your workflow to streamline your processes. 
  • Centralized data in the cloud makes it accessible to you from a smartphone, PC, or tablet.
  • Automatic recognition of 3D print files without human intervention and the types of parts to completely automate the preparation of manufacturing.
  • Automated workflow reduces human error, increases machine productivity, and saves you time.
  • Increased machine readiness thanks to Oqton's AI and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Are you ready to take control of your entire manufacturing ecosystem?