The Ultimate Solution for Clear Aligner Production

An integrated, end-to-end ecosystem with a network of validated partners .  

To address the growing need for reliable, high-throughput manufacturing systems of clear aligners, we have developed an optimized and validated ecosystem for the industrial production of clear aligners.

Covering every step of the manufacturing process, this seamlessly integrated hardware and software ecosystem delivers: 

  • Precision, quality and efficiency
  • Repeatable and accurate results
  • Increased patient comfort
  • Improved productivity and ROI

We've helped thousands of customers implement a validated workflow into their business with creative additive manufacturing solutions and we can help you, too!

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Open network of validated partners leading the way in digital dentistry

An Open Network of Validated Partners Leading the Way in Digital Dentistry

Award-winning dental lab and intraoral scanners and digital solutions designed to improve patient experience.

Over 40 years designing and manufacturing high-speed automatic thermoforming solutions.

Cutting-edge, industrial-grade milling machines and scalable, automated aligner trimming solutions.

Solving today's manufacturing challenges with an AI-powered manufacturing operating system designed to automate the production workflow.

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